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Governance, Risk and Compliance create a blueprint for core business component alignment and generally acceptable business practices and principles.

EPI-USE offers strategies to help your business achieve true value. Our long experience in SAP HCM and SAP Financials (FI) serves us well in this regard.

We can make a difference

EPI-USE can help you so that your SAP GRC:

Complies with local and international legislation and regulations

Drives both internal and external audits

Automates and monitors internal control landscape

Detects potential for fraud (early warning)

Houses and maintains all the controls and risks

Connects to all ICT systems

Provides specific Auditing reports

Reports on environmental risks and standards

Includes Audit, Finance, HR and ICT

Security Services

EPI-USE provides a huge range of Security Services that include the following:

  • Wall-to-wall implementation
  • Design and implementation of security for SAP ECC, Portal, BI/BW, SRM, SCM, CRM
  • Redesigning and streamlining of security roles
  • Strategies to simplify security maintenance
  • Conversion to context-sensitive roles for HCM security
  • Position-based security design
  • End-to-end user management
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