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Business Inteligence

KPI visualization includes:

  • Tracking of trends, and drill-down functionality for root-cause and exceptions analysis
  • Interactively viewing different groupings of data e.g. Employee Performance per Training spend by division etc.
  • Interactive Business User update of variables such as attrition rates, market remuneration and talent scarcity to determine the impact on HR talent mobilization and financial plans.
  • Business intelligence allows business users at all levels of your organization to access, interact with, and analyze data to manage the business, improve performance, discover opportunities, and operate efficiently.

Our Approach

Analytics identify relevant drivers, Key Performance Indicators and develop appropriate data models to support analytics.

Build data marts and create new data universes to support the development of rich interactive data visualization tools.

Deploy enterprise dashboards and portals solution across the organization for all Business Users and provide Custom Application Development when non-standard integration with 3rd party tools is required.